Which is a better course Animation or VFX to choose?

Animation and VFX are kinds of comparable yet different media departments. The difference between them isn’t noticeable but known once acquiring knowledge about them particularly.
This both plays a very important part in movies and other visual functions and acquiring adequate knowledge about them can present a distinct path to prefer among this or that.

Animation & VFX course was not that familiar in India in the past days, but as for now, these fields have become very must components required on a vast number of companies. This is why the demand for it has risen rapidly.
Now choosing any course for a better career needs to be the best, hence let’s know about the best Animation course in thane & the Best VFX course in Thane, e-Drishyam Infotech.
e-Drishyam has been the master of Animation institute in Thane and let’s know how they have a guide about what to choose as a course VFX or Animation in the blog as follows. 


The animation is a program in which cartoon sketches are drawn in a manner that creates a traveling visual effect. In Early traditional animation, sketches were drawn and painted on celluloid sheets to be recorded and presented in movies.
Today most of the animation is created with the help of the latest computer Software and results in more detailed animation. The latest technology is known as Computer-generated-imagery (CGI).

Animation includes 5 types such as:

  • Traditional Animation.
  • 2D Animation.
  • 3D Animation.
  • Motion Graphics.
  • Stop Motion.

Visual Effect (VFX)

The visual effect is additionally recognized as VFX is a program where imagery is designed for placing outside a context of live-action shot or videography. That results in a living moment effect made by VFX in the background.

The visual effect includes 9 types such as.

  • Computer-generated imagery.
  • Bullet type.
  • Virtual Cinematography.
  • Digital Compositing.
  • Matte Painting.
  • Motion control photography.
  • Stop motion Animation.
  • Prosthetic makeup.
  • Chroma key.

VFX & ANIMATION as a Career

Both sections play a very significant role in making a career. Both are very creative media sections and one to choose 1 from them is like a complex task.
Where do Animation and VFX differ?  Well when you decide to have a look for deciding and knowing the basic factors of both, you will understand that, in Animation, you perform in cartoon characters and movies as a part of the profession and in VFX, you perform in creating a live effect in action moment or display. 
Both Animation and VFX have their specific software to work on and come up with the result.

Salary and Employment Growth.

In terms of Employment and Salary both Animator and VFX artists earn a similar pay base with a slight up and down chart sometimes differing in agencies. The Medium salary of animators & VFX artists in India as a fresher is 10 to 15k monthly and 40 to 80k monthly after a good and progressive experience.


Software – Autodesk, Maya and 3Ds MAX.

Applications – Animated website, CDS, Ads Campaigns, and Cartoon Channels.

Job Roles – Animator, 3D Modeler, Flash Animator, Art Director, Graphic Designer.


Software – Autodesk, Maya, 3Ds MAX, Foundry’s Nuke, Black magic fashion, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Applications – All Films and Documents.

Job Roles – VFX Artist, Lightning Artist Layout Artist, Root Artist, Compositor, etc.


As described both the career options are very interesting and creative with successful future income and most importantly whichever one may choose, choose with the satisfaction of loving what they work with passion.

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