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Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the meticulous and beautiful art of visual communication via typography, photography, iconography and illustration. Here at e-Drishyam , we focus on encouraging you to channelize your creativity and understand the subject in a way that helps you hone your digital and artistic skills and in a unique way.
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Want to learn how all those fascinating movies you watch are made? Want to bring your ideal character to life? Join ED to enjoy the thrilling and fun-filled experience of learning animation. Here , we ensure a joyful and interactive learning experience , whilst allowing you to give birth to animations of your choice.
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Create a new world , engage in a story ; and personalize the same at ED. Our premises will give you the opportunity to work within the perfect head space while learning and practicing Visual Effects (VFX). The mentors at ED will make the process of learning this complex subject , easy and attractive.
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digital marketing

Digital Marketing

In a world that requires you to adapt to rapidly changing trends, e-Drishyam is now offering you a course on digital marketing. Learn the principles of marketing in a technology-based light, with ED and allow us to teach you how to flourish in the online world , in a timely fashion.
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