About us

We represent teamwork, camaraderie and collective positivity… We are the “e-Drishyam” Family! Our aim is not just to teach our students theory subjects but actually enable to understand, how the industry works then apply the acquired knowledge in their professional life. This kind of practical training gives them a head start in the competitive corporate world. We have after a lot of deliberation and research come to certain inferences as to the techniques of not just entering the VFX Animation industry but also how to carve the niche. We are confident & certain about delivering what we have promised.

- Mrs. Apoorva Vaidya

Why e-Drishyam ?

We at e-Drishyam believe in the holistic development of students. The training offered to students by our zealous and well-seasoned staff , goes beyond the confines of the four walls of a classroom and equips them with skills necessary to function and thrive within a multi-disciplinary environment. To ensure that our students have the competencies required to flourish in the corporate world , e-Drishyam introduces a keen sense of personal and exclusive learning within the workplace. Join us, as we engage in a brand new culture of education.


Why we Started
e-Drishyam envisions to influence a change in the culture of education and to thrive within an inquisitive and keen space of knowledge in our work environment. We aspire to be ethically sound and be a reliable source of provision for digital-based services. We look forward to guiding you on your journey to manifest your dreams.


What we Want
E-drishyam seeks to emphasise on ‘learning outcomes’ within the educational space. We wish to impart practical knowledge and a strong theoretical base in a rightful balance , to ensure that our students are well informed about their employment prospects. Along with a mission that is student-oriented and student-centric, e-Drishyam aims to carry out services in an ethical, professional and timely fashion. Our mission encapsulates our purpose and passion within the work-place.

Our Stellar Team

Apoorva Vaidya


She is the founder & proprietor of the institute. With a strong sense of direction and motivation , she has thrived in the field of education for over 20 years and earned several accolades on multiple occasions in the field of dance. She is a prolific orator , writer and a voracious reader; and has been chosen as the president elect of the Rotary Club (Thane Suburban). A mentor and guide to the faculty and students , she overlooks all the operations of e-Drishyam and wishes to sincerely lead everyone to the path of success.

Archana Wagh

Center Head

She is in-charge of the execution & the implementation of policies within the work space of e-Drishyam. She is also the point of contact for all students and has been serving as a diligent communicator and manager for the past 16 years.

Pradnya Bhagwatkar

Head of Department - Training and Services

She is the head and primary mentor of the entire animation and graphics department. After working in Prime Focus Ltd and Reliance Media Works for 9 years in the field of production as a 3D modeller and match-move artist , she also worked as a senior faculty member in several institutes such as CMIT Computers , Keerti Computers, Boston Computers, CAT Education , 2d Animators, Walk-in etc. With a teaching experience of more than 15 years , she has also played a role in projects within the film and advertisement industry ; which are inclusive of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies such as ~ Wanted , Ghajini , Tashan , Housefull , Raavan , Shark Night , Rock of Ages , The Watch etc. She has worked in more than 25 advertisements for TV channels with agencies such as ‘Designer’. With a profile like hers and an expertise in the industry ; a qualitatively superior education and potentially massive placements are promised by e-Drishyam.

mukeh sir

Mukesh M Ingole

Marketing and Business Development Head

He is the spear head for all marketing, branding and advertising activities. With a work experience of 24 years in the area of marketing , he is also innovative and introduces ideas of diversification and expansion. He is an asset to e-Drishyam and is a part of the core team that works to deliver a wonderful experience to all students.

guru sir

Guruprasad Chavan

Digital Marketing Faculty

Guruprasad is a seasoned senior
marketing professional with more than 7 years of experience in sales, digital
advancements and online marketing. He contributes to accentuate the ‘e’ in eDrishyam and gives students the digital approach they need in the hour of evolution

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